Sunday, December 11, 2011

Redirect To Reconnect

Redirect to Reconnect


Most of us are preoccupied with our daily lives as we become absorbed and distracted by our routines. Sometimes we become so preoccupied, involved or distracted our focus is positioned on one thing. If you know someone with autism this may sound familiar. A person who has autism can directly focus on an object and become preoccupied with certain things or items and must be redirected to reconnect with something or someone that is appropriate. We can snap out of our behavior a person with autism cannot as they may become fixated.

When discussing these kind of behaviors in our parenting group such as self stimming, verbal obsessions and OCD  we discovered that we become preoccupied but in a different way. We came up with ways to redirect and reconnect to interconnect. Ex: if your child becomes verbally obsessive with a statement or comments we simply redirect them and reconnect them into a situation that is fun and interesting. Our purpose is to get the child to do something else and enjoy it while not becoming preoccupied or obsessed with it. The spectrum umbrella is colossal so we must do what works for our child, consult, read when choosing the best for the individual.   


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